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    A New Approach

    BRANDS should have personality!

    Because it’s those human charecteristics that make a brand so appealing. When brands have personality and are percieved like people, they earn our loyalty, dependence and money.

    We create a story where the consumer can connect with brands the same way we connect with each other. You and your brand become the go to source – expert – in your industry because people trust you and rely upon your expertise. 

    The Problem with PR/Marketing Companies Today

    6 Brand Marketing was born from my experience when I wrote my first best-selling book and started a health product line. I realized very quickly that creating a product, although it can sometimes take years, is simply the first stage. You can have the best product but if you can’t get it ‘out there’ effectively, it is a non starter. I was amazed to learn how every part of a marketing campaign requires a separate company and is super expensive.

    Creating a fresh and appealing website, which is unique, usually starts at between $5000-$10,000.

    Social media companies start at $2000 a month.

    PR companies start at $3000 a month but are usually between $5000-$10,000 a month plus.

    Press releases range between $200-$1000 a pop and that’s with you providing the content.

    ‘Boosting’ companies will charge you 20% of your budget.

    Creating unique blog articles and pitches for journalists also run into the thousands.

    So besides for a huge budget, you need to deal with multiple companies! While it does cost money to effectively promote your products or companies, it shouldn’t cost that much. And the worst part – you often hire the ‘big name’ company after the convincing ‘marketing jargon’ the CEO sells you, only to be placed in the hands of a young intern! Most times you may never even speak to high level management again, unless you have a 100K budget or more.

    The 6 Brand Marketing Solution

    Welcome to 6 Brand Marketing where you can find a one stop marketing and web solution for your brand.

    You will only need to speak to one company and only deal with highly experienced employees.

    I also challenge you to compare the pricing with other firms because we are definitely at the very bottom of the range of pricing. Why? Because at 6BM we are not just interested in closing the deal and passing on the customer. We actually love the work and are passionate about your success.

    How can you be sure? Most marketing or PR companies will tie you in to 6 months to a year contract.

    Why do they do this? They know that more than often, you will be disillusioned by the results. They don’t want you to cancel. At 6BM we will never sign a contract for more than 3 months. YOU GET TO DECIDE if you want to continue.

    We will work tirelessly to understand your message, brand and create only unique content so you can become the ‘go to’ expert in your field. We want you to want to continue with us so we you will always have the say and control. Our mission is to make the personality of your brand truly standout, always on your terms.

    What We Offer
    • Unique website design integrating the personality of your brand, customized for desktop, mobile and iPad
    • Email campaigns and blog integration, creating informative and unique content
    • Social media that showcases your brands message, boosting to targeted markets, connecting to your website and blog
    • SEO on your website, incorporating press releases and social media = high rankings on Google
    • Connecting and pitching to the best journalists so you become an expert source for the media

    Featured Media

    Our Services

    Broken Down

    Website Design

    Getting your web brand to look uniform

    Social Media

    Get your brand out there and understood while cross promoting with the best influencers.


    Submit information to journalists and outlets so you can become a well-known expert in your field

    Reputation Management

    Improve your ratings on Google and other services


    Writing relevant and eye catching info

    Seo Press Release

    Ranking high on Search


    Advertise in your target markets and media with eye catching ads, and at a discount.

    Email Campaigns

    Create a loyal customer base and send out news releases and keep your customers up to date.

    Our Portfolio

    Customers and Clients


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